About Sheepdogs 

Sheepdogs trace back to the early 19th century.  They are best known as herders, but were originally bred for driving cattle and sheep.

They are agile, intelligent and affectionate.  The breed is well-known for being easygoing and are an ideal companion.
About Old English Sheepdogs
About Us 

Rick and I have owned sheepdogs for 20 years.  They are just like our children.  We keep our dogs inside, as Texas is a hot climate.  We don't have any sheep, but we do have a big backyard for them to run and play and herd each other.

Sheepdogs are born black and white.  The black will turn gray when they mature.  They also can have blue or brown eyes.  It's not uncommon for puppies to be born with one of each.  Although 2 blue eyes is rarer.